is Powdered Alcohol

We expect Palcohol to be available in the spring of 2015.

We are disheartened that no state, which has already introduced legislation to ban powdered alcohol, asked Mark Phillips to testify before a committee to explain the product to the legislators. Since no one has first hand knowledge of powdered alcohol, you would think the responsible thing to do is find out about the product from the source. Instead, the legislators got caught up in the hyperbole and misinformation that is being thrown about by people who don't know what they're talking about.

Commercial Applications

Medical Applications

Food Applications

Manufacturing Applications

Aviation Applications

Palcohol will be made in two different formulations, a Beverage Formulation (ingestible) and an Industrial Formulation (non-ingestible).

Beverage Formulation: In its beverage formulation, Palcohol is for the legitimate and responsible enjoyment by lawful consumers and has several applications:

  • Outdoor Activity Applications: Palcohol is a boon to outdoors enthusiasts such as campers, hikers and others who wanted to enjoy adult beverages responsibly without having the undue burden of carrying heavy bottles of liquid.

  • Travel Applications: Similarly, adult travelers journeying to destinations far from home could conveniently and lawfully carry their favorite cocktail in powder format. Moderate quantities of flavored Palcohol products carried in resealable pouches are a fraction of the weight and bulk associated with traditional liquor packaging.

  • Hospitality Applications: Because powdered alcohol is so light, airlines can reduce the weight on an airplane by serving powdered vs. liquid alcohol and save millions on fuel costs. An ice cream manufacturer wants to add Palcohol to their ice cream to make an "adult" version. A hotel in Hawaii is interested in powdered alcohol because it would save them so much on shipping from the mainland. That savings in shipping costs would be attractive to many resorts who rely on imported alcohol.

Industrial Formulation (non-ingestible): The industrial formulation, different from the consumer formulation, has many possible positive uses in industry. People have contacted us with several in mind. Of course, until Palcohol gets government approval, we can not know exactly what the applications will be. Examples include:

  • Medical Applications:  We've had medical personnel contact us about using Palcohol as an antiseptic, especially in remote locations where weight and bulk make it difficult to transport supplies.

  • Manufacturing Applications:  Several companies have contacted us about using powdered alcohol in their business. A livestock supplement company wants to use it. A Swedish and a Canadian inquired about using it in their windshield wiper fluid. Because Palcohol is such a new and revolutionary product, there will probably many more uses discovered.

  • Energy Applications: There has been a great interest in using powdered alcohol as a fuel source, from a lightweight alternative to powering a camping stove to an emergency fuel pouch for a vehicle.  There is talk of multiple military applications from transport fuel to fuel in a soldier’s backpack.  

Unfortunately, the media coverage has focused on the perceived negative aspects of powdered alcohol as a result of ignorance about the product. Some of the inaccurate statements are:

1. People will snort it and get drunk.

Not true. It's painful to snort due to the alcohol. Second, it's impractical. It takes approximately 60 minutes to snort the equivalent of one shot of vodka. Why would anyone do that when they can do a shot of liquid vodka in two seconds?

2. Powdered alcohol will make it easier to sneak into venues.

Not true. A package of Palcohol is 4" x 6"....almost five times bigger than a 50ml bottle of liquid alcohol so Palcohol is much harder to conceal.

3. It will be easier to spike a drink.

Not true. Palcohol does not dissolve instantly in liquid and would take over a minute of stirring to dissolve the equivalent of one shot of alcohol into a drink. 

4. Kids will get a hold of it easier.

Not true. Palcohol is sold wherever liquid alcohol is sold and the same rules apply, you must be 21 years or older to buy it. 

So you can see, powdered alcohol doesn't make irresponsible or illegal use any easier than liquid alcohol.


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People say that banning powdered alcohol is the responsible thing to do. It's just the opposite. Banning powdered alcohol is the most irresponsible action a legislature can take. By banning a product that's in demand, it creates a black market which means the state loses all control over it. Then underage people can get a hold of it much easier. We know from experience that Prohibition doesn't work. So the responsible action by a legislature should be to regulate powdered alcohol to keep it out of the hands of underage drinkers by having it sold in licensed liquor stores where a person must present a valid ID. In addition, legalizing powdered alcohol would realize tax revenue for the state which would be doing their fiduciary duty to the citizens.

And lastly, people only seem to be focusing on the perceived and misinformed negative aspects of the product when there are so many positive applications as we state below. It is a disservice to the citizens and businesses of the state to prohibit this revolutionary new product to be used in a responsible and productive manner.